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History of the OES

Ray Hobbs has been busy trawling the archives to prepare a potted history of the OES listing the Chairmen and all past events and meetings.

The Offshore Engineering Society was formed in 1987 by the Institution of Civil Engineers to promote interest and scholarship in both the scientific and applied aspects of offshore engineering.

Chairmen to date have been as follows:

1987 – 1989 John Derrington
1989 – 1991 Dr Edmund Hambly
1991 – 1993 Ron Goodfellow
1993 – 1995 Dr Peter Blair-Fish
1995 – 1997 Hugh Williams
1997 – 1999 John Waddell
1999 – 2001 Tom Aldridge
2001 – 2004 Dr Ray Hobbs
2004 - 2006 Neil Glover
2006 - 2009 Peter Keel
2009 - 2012 Neil Glover
2012 - 2015 Mark Knight
2015- present Tim Eyles

John Derrington and Dr Edmund Hambly also served as President of the ICE (in 1984 and 1995 respectively).

Many distinguished offshore engineers have, over the years, served on the main committee in London or the branch committee in Aberdeen.

Technical meetings, covering a wide range of topics, have been held regularly in London and Aberdeen. The London meetings, held since the formation of the society, are listed below:





FEB 18 (lunch) The future applications of new technology offshore J Dailey
MAR 18 R & D in the offshore industry JN Mansfield
OCT 08 Exploring for oil in deep water west of Shetlands G Bowie
OCT 15 (lunch) Storage of waste below seabed SJ Taylor
NOV 05 Abandonment of oil rigs STS al Hassani
NOV 20 (lunch) Statoil M Beckkeheiem


FEB 10 CONFERENCE: Cost reduction in offshore engineering Various
FEB 17 (lunch) Assessment of offshore platforms WJ Winkworth
MAR 08 - 09 SITE VISIT: English and French electricity stations related tothe under Channel electricity cables  
MAR 16 Repairs – the state of the art IE Tebbett
APR 20 Concrete platform at Ravenspurn RC Luedke
MAY 19 (lunch) Training engineers for offshore industry B McNaughton
MAY 25 Corrosion and protection Various
OCT 12 (lunch) Project management offshore MD Haynes
OCT 27 Hutton tension leg platform ERG Bell
NOV 23 How collaborative research helps offshore engineers RK Venables
DEC 08 Analysis of pile groups SWM Komaromy &
BW Ims
DEC 16 (lunch) Community policy on financial support for research and development in the offshore sector R de Bauw


JAN 26 Benefits of limit state / plastic design to topsides structures Dr Nicholson
FEB 23 The evolution of modern structural steels: weldability, corrosion resistance and toughness H Colt
MAR 21 (lunch) Talk by Member of Parliament P Morrison
MAY 25 Pipelines A Palmer
SEP 26 Design fabrication and installation of the Veselfrikk jacket M Baerheim
NOV 14 Miller platform – post Piper studies G White and MJ Payne
DEC 07 (lunch) Pollution control Various


JAN 18 (lunch) Ocean resources and research D Lennard
FEB 28 The use of aluminium in offshore structures Various
MAR 28 Future European field developments, Annual Dinner Various
APR 25 One well tripod D Duncan
SEP 20 (lunch) Heavy lifts J Mitchell
OCT 03 Computer aided design K Logendra
NOV 07 Jackup stability EC Hambly &
BA Nicholson
DEC 06 (lunch) Risk analysis R Sylvester-Evans


JAN 23 European standards for offshore structures S Thorburn, P Dowling & RO Snell
FEB 26 (lunch) Where next with concrete platforms? CJB Roberts
MAR 26 1st Annual Dinner, EPIC contracts P Blair-Fish
APR 17 Marine operations, Snorre field development JI Knodsen
SEP 25 The LRFD version of API RP2A: limit state practice for designing fixed offshore platforms GAN Thomas
OCT 16 (lunch) Gannet J Carter
NOV 20 Deep water jack-ups PA Thomas
DEC 11 (lunch) Safety JR Potter


JAN 15 The geotechnics of marine anchors
(joint with BGS)
T Aldridge, C Chipcase, G Degenkamp, W Craig
FEB 19 (lunch) Subsea developments D Appleford
MAR 25 2nd Annual Dinner Various
APR 15 Offshore pipeline installations using dynamically positioned vessels S Dotinga
SEP 16 Should offshore structures be designed for earthquakes and if so how? P Blair-Fish & G Simms
OCT 14 Partnering – fashion or necessity R West
NOV 11 Developments in concrete offshore structures A Knudson
DEC 09 Seabed scour in the offshore environment R Whitehouse


JAN 20 CONFERENCE: Offshore iInnovations and economics Various
FEB 24 North Sea platform decommissioning WG Laver
MAR 31 3rd Annual Dinner Various
APR 28 Computational fluid dynamics N Rhodes
SEP 23 ICE engineering research in Atlantic Canada
(joint with RAE)
D Kaye
OCT 21 What future for horizontal well technology? (joint with SUT) G Ferguson & H Rabia
NOV 11 Troll Olje concrete floater S Storaas
DEC 01 Response of offshore platforms to wave and earthquake forces (joint with SECED) BA Izzuddin, RM Kenley, & AS Elsashai
DEC 08 Oil and the environment – should it be a burning issue? S Morgan


JAN 11 Partial safety factor calibration for the North Sea adaptation of API-LRFD & Modelling of environmental loading in the adaptation of LRFD to UK offshore structural design practice RC Turner

A Theophanatos &
AHS Wickham
FEB 01 Putting Hurricane Andrew in context – was it thye "big one" AA Denton & N Lynagh
MAR 16 4th Annual Dinner

Prospects for oil and gas
C Smith, M Spaven &
J Waddell
APR 13 Implementation of the Cullen report –a review of progress A Sefton
SEP 14 Armada topsides savings through compact heat exchangers R Haugh
SEP 29 CONFERENCE: Requalification and decommissioning of offshore installations (joint with IMechE) Various
OCT 12 Ringing response of offshore platforms P Duncan & R Rainey
NOV 30 Pileless jacket foundations – a new era
(joint with BGA)
M Baerheim, C Erbrich & MC Ferguson


JAN 11 Challenges for the West of Shetland R Kenison
FEB 08 New fatigue guidance for offshore structures J Sharp
MAR 08 5th Annual Dinner

Cost reduction in the new era
V Tuft, J Griffiths & R Edwards
APR 05 Jack up site assessment M Hoyle & J Trickey
SEP 20 Judy/Joanne – from concept to reality PD Williams
OCT 18 Offshore piling - past, present and future J de Jonge
NOV 29 Composite materials offshore PAC Medlicott


JAN 16 Mobil’s Lancelot and Excalibur platforms – conventional versus EPIC contract strategy and essential management techniques required for a successful EPIC contract
(joint with ICE)
J Gilchrist &
K Logendra
FEB 21 BP Harding development G Harris, M O’Flynn & K Robson
FEB 22 CONFERENCE: Minimising the impact of decommissioning
(joint with Institute of Petroleum)
MAR 13 6th Annual DinnerAlliance contracting,  

APR 17 Steel or concrete monopods? D Collier & M Smith
JUN Debrief on OTC axial pile behaviour session (joint with SUT) Various
SEP 11 Management of the Norne project P Urdahl
OCT 02 New advances in pile design (joint with BGA) R Jardine
OCT 09 Latest developments in offshore drilling technology P Spicer
NOV 13 Taut and catenary moorings M Delaney & R Stonor


JAN 22 Floating production. Concrete or steel? Ships or floaters? RJS Harris, D Kerr, M Basaran & I Whitby
FEB 19 Plastic lined pipes B Jones
FEB 26 Alternative methods for blast analysis on structures

(joint with SECED)
R Yeung
MAR 19 7th Annual Dinner The future of the gas market Various
APR 16 Ekofisk II K Morbraten
SEP 30 The Andrew project A Dawson
OCT 22 Caspian developments M Sparkes & E Sjolie
NOV 19 Blast response – what next? M Birkinshaw
NOV 26 CONFERENCE: High strength fibre cables (joint with ICE) Various


JAN 21 The big wide world of ISO standards D Galbraith
FEB 18 Advances in downhole technology B Daniel
APR 02 8th Annual Dinner, A vision of future infrastructure in the UKCS A Hunt & S Sasanow
APR 28 Offshore safety – where are we going? Should construction follow? (joint with ICE) P O’Ferrall
APR 29 Wandoo D Collier
SEP 30 The HP/HT nature of the Shearwater development J Stubbs
OCT 21 The civil construction market from an offshore perspective J van der Graaf
OCT 29 Dismantling oil platforms (joint with ICE) R Daniels
NOV 18 The impact of the design and construct regulations B Marshall
DEC 02 Safety implications for offshore foundations of conductor and shallow well drilling R Hobbs


JAN 20 Offshore technology developments to meet environmental challenges Various
FEB 03 Offshore soil structure interaction (joint with SECED) RO Snell & N Ramsey
FEB 24 Getting into deepwater! RO Snell
MAR 24 9th Annual Dinner

North Sea industry – are we right for the future?
N Smith
APR 28 Why offshore engineers should know more about reservoirs D Aron
SEP 29 Millenium bug and offshore engineering A Taylor
OCT 27 Laminaria and Corallina development P Crerar
DEC 02 Renewable energy from the sea G Senior


JAN 26 Installation of Caspian pipeline off-loading buoy in the Black Sea A Crowle
FEB 23 Terra Nova – Building the first FPSO development for the Grand Banks of Newfoundland – the subsea challenges S Allen & C Kassner
APR 12 Safety cases for deepwater production systems M Grant
JUN 29 OTC geosciences debrief (joint with SUT) K Day, I Hamilton &
G Griffiths
SEP 20 Future energy supply trends and possible impacts A Hunt
OCT 18 Development of a deep field in West Africa V Alliot
DEC 06

First Annual Film Evening:

Anasuria – A rare bird

The Shearwater project – an overview

South Arne gravity base structure

Operation North Sea

R Hobbs


JAN 24 The Skiff project – Trident platform P Strowlger
FEB 22 Malampaya CGS – a Filipino success story D Collier
APR 25 Marine facilities for the Reliance refinery and petrochemicals complex, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India I Mirchandani
SEP 13 OTC 2001 – debrief on geotechnical aspects
(joint with SUT)
P Power, M Cook &
J Osborne
OCT 10 The role of engineers in resolution of disputes arising from offshore construction and supply projects P Cassidy & A Ma
NOV 21 Offshore windfarms – past, present and future P Fish
DEC 13

Second Annual Film Evening:


Wandoo – innovation in energy

Forties report

R Hobbs


JAN 09 Engineers as experts in dispute resolution P Cassidy & A Ma
FEB 07 Structural integrity of MCP 01- concrete platform G Prakhya, & R Ffrench
MAR 06 Bow and Greenwater Loading N Barltrop &
T Hodgson
APR 03 Recent research findings of the Fire and Blast Information Group F Hamdan
MAY 09 Conversion of a tanker to an offshore storage and offtake installation (joint with RINA) A Stephens
SEP 18 Debrief on the Offshore Technology Conference 2002 F Hamdan & K Day
OCT 16 Marine current turbines P Fraenkel
OCT 22 The refloat of the Maureen steel gravity platform
(joint with ICE)
P Broughton & R Davies
NOV 20 The Azure project – the feasibility of floating LNG process and storage J Sheffield
NOV 26 - 28 CONFERENCE: Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (joint with SUT) Various
DEC 03

Third Annual Film Evening:

The Leadon development

Offshore construction pioneers

Offshore windfarms


West Natuna

CSO Deep Blue: the making of a giant

R Hobbs


JAN 15 Pollution, environment and the offshore engineer P Read
JAN 23 Offshore crack detection using acoustic emission methods (joint with RINA) L Rogers
FEB 12 The role of the energy loss adjustor J Donald
FEB 27 CONFERENCE: Offshore windfarms: Why appropriate site investigation will reduce uncertainty, cost and risk
(joint with SUT)
MAR 12 High explosives technology and applications S Miller
MAR 27 The Maclure field – from Gremlin to Gryphon
(joint with IMechE)
P Nieve
APR 2 Safety in the offshore industry – paying lip service or paying attention? H Bolt
MAY 15 Mediating offshore oil and gas contract disputes P Cassidy
JUN 4 Design issues for topsides located on an FPSO C Earl
SEP 24 Structural dynamics of offshore wind turbines
(joint with SECED)
E Bossyani and B Byrne
OCT 9 UK’s new deep ocean remotely operated vessel (ROV) – Isis (joint with RINA) P Mason
NOV 5 ISO 19900 Series – international standards for offshore structures D Galbraith
NOV 25 Making Penguins fly (joint with IMechE) N George

Fourth Annual Film Evening:

Under the North Sea

The world’s greatest oil rig

Barracuda – Caratinga project

R Hobbs


JAN 7 Ocean energy developments – tide, wave and wind energy T Trapp
JAN 28 Seabed liquefaction and submarine landslide

(joint with SECED)
R Jardine, A Palmer &

S Dunn
FEB 4 Sakhalin II development – an overview M Zitterich & C Fenwick
MAR 3 Barracuda Caratinga project R Argiolas & M Hesar
APRIL 7  Single Point Mooring Andrew Newport - SBM
MAY 5  Helicopter Operations Steve O’Collard - Scotia
JUN 1 The Challenges of the Canadian East Coast Offshore

Vincent Morgan - C-Core
JUN 15

10th Annual Dinner

Deconstruction of the Maureen Platform and Loading Columns.

(Joint meeting with ICE)


Presented by Peter Broughton 

SEPT 8 Offshore Emergency Response

Mark Talbot-Sykes & Michael Wilder -Petans

"Oil from the Ocean Depths - the Challenges of Deep Water Engineering"  

(Joint meeting with ICE, IMechE IEE Chilterns Area. Venue: Chilterns University)

Leofric Studd - BP.
OCT 7 & 28

Offshore Wind Farms – Recent Development  

(Co-sponsored with RINA and I MarEST

Venue: LRS)

Captain Mike Frampton, London Offshore Consultants
OCT 20 Shah Deniz Project

Rob Kelly - BP

Dr Tanmay Sarkar of Saipem UK Ltd

& Dr Justin Penrose of ANSYS - CFX


Co-sponsored meeting with the ICE Energy and Maritime Boards marked the launch of the ICE Offshore Wind Farms E-mail Forum.  

Plus:  New Guidelines for Offshore Site Investigations for Marine Renewables presented by SUT

Mark Finch of RPS Hydrosearch

The 5th Annual Film Evening

The History of the World War 2 Maunsell Sea Forts;

The Murchison Project;

Into the Deep

Dr Ray Hobbs

OES history researched by Dr Ray Hobbs