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Unless stated otherwise meetings start at 18.00hrs and are held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1 Great George St., London SW1P 3AA. .


Tea is served from 17.30 hrs.


OES meetings are proving very popular and capacity audiences are being achieved. We have clarified the priorities to ensure fairness for members and ensure reserved attendance is guaranteed.


Priority is given to OES members, co-sponsoring organisations and speakerís organisations registering at least 3 working days before the event.  Any further prioritisation is based on the order of registration.


On a number of occasions registrants have failed to attend on the day thus depriving others the opportunity to attend.  Therefore, registrants who later find they are unable to attend MUST advise the OES Secretary AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so the space can be released to the standby list. Failing to do this may lead to withdrawal of the facility to pre-register for a period.


In all cases the meeting Chairman's decision shall be final.



Date Subject
5th December 2017

18th Annual Film Evening


Dr Ray Hobbs - Independent Geotechnical Consultant

1st November 2017

Design Challenges for Deepsea Mining Riser and Vertical Transport Systems


Dr Richard Harrison, Technical Authority, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd


Deepwater Application of Steel Lazy Wave Production Risers for Offshore Oil and Gas Developments


Rohit Shankaran, Senior Engineer, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd


Click here for Dr Richard Harrison presentation

Click here for Rohit Shankaran presentation

Click here for the link to Video

4th October 2017

Pipeline Reeling


Soheil Manouchehri - Subsea 7


Click here for the link to the Video

6th September 2017

Sea Floor Mining


Stef Kapusniak, Business Development Manager - Mining Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd


Click here for the link to the presentation

Click here for the link to the video

7th June 2017

Managing Scour and Infill in Offshore Projects


Richard Whitehouse (HR Wallingford)


Click here for the link to the presentation

Click here for the link to the video

3rd May 2017

PISA JIP Project


Byron Byrne - Oxford University and Lidija Zdravkovic - Imperial College


Click here for the presentation

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Corrosion Risks And Mitigation Strategies For Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations


Anders Rosborg Black (FORCE Technology)


Co-sponsored with The Welding Institute


Click here for the presentation

1st March 2017

AGM followed by:


Offshore Kite Power


Bill Hampton - Kite Power Systems Ltd


Click here for the link to the presentation

Click here for the link to the video

1st February 2017 Large Scale Earthquake Analysis of Integrated Subsea Facilities

Dr Majid Heser - Subsea 7

Click here for the link to the video

10th January 2017 Process Engineering for Non-Process Engineers

Brian Songhurst - Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Visiting Research Associate

Chris Rasiah - Genesis Oil & Gas, Senior Process Consultant


Click here for the link to the presentation

Click here for the link to the video