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Meetings held in 2016

Information is provided on this page by the speakers of previous meetings and generally includes Acrobat .PDF files or PowerPoint slideshows.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with these presentations are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or OES or any other organisation.  ICE and OES makes no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for the content and/or accuracy.

6th December 2016 -London


17th Annual Film Night


Dr Ray Hobbs - Independent Geotechnical Consultant


 Films shown:

1.    Operation North Sea 

       Archive film showing installation of two steel platforms in the North Sea, 1965


2     Clair Ridge progress - to 2015  and 2016 update

       Topsides fabrication and installation for two platforms west of Shetlands, 2015-16


3.    Decommissioning the Brent field 

       Plans for decommissioning the North Sea Brent field, including use of Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit, 2016


4.    SMD trenching machine QT1400 

       Pipeline trenching tool


5.    Tullow TEN project 

       Pipeline and subsea structure installation offshore Ghana, 2016


6.    Tideway – offshore contractor 

       Scour protection by rock dumping


7.    Kentish Flats Extension inauguration 

       Getting the local community onside for expansion of an offshore wind farm, 2016


8.    Blue Piling Pt1 and Pt2  

       Innovative technique for driving offshore wind farm monopiles


9.    The search for the MH370

       Record-breaking deep water survey offshore Western Australia for remains of the lost Malaysian Airlines plane


2nd November 2016 - London

Clair Ridge Project

Paul Keeler, BP Clair Ridge T& I Manager


Kevin Hampson, BP Geotechnical Technical Authority


Click here for the slide presentation part 1


Click here for part 2



5th October 2016 - London


Advances in Composite Materials for Offshore Applications


Presented by  Charles Tavner

Commercial Director Magma Global Ltd


Click here for the video link

7th September 2016 - London



Presented by:Phil Wicks

Manager, SIM and Structures Unit, DNV GL


Click Here for the presentation

8th June 2016 - London

Search for Flight  MH370

Rob Luijnenburg

The Search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 – One of the Greatest Mysteries in Civil Aviation of this Day

Click here for the video link


May 18th 2016 - London

Blue Piling Technology

Jasper Winkes of Fistuca BV.  

co-sponsored with the BGA

Click here for the presentation

Click here for the Video Presentation

April  6th 2016 - London


THE INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE – The Mid-Atlantic Current Hindcast


Dr Nicolas Fournier, Science Manager, UK Met Office


Click here for the slide presentation


Click here for the video link


March 2nd 2016

MeyGen Project

David Collier (Atlantis)

Click here for the slide presentation

Click here for the video of the slide presentation

February 3rd 2016 - London

GUARÁ & LULA NE – The BSR Project


Pedro Viana, Technical Manager, 2H Offshore


Hans van Diemen, Project Manager, Subsea 7


Click here for Pedro Viana's Presentation


Click here for Hans Van Diemen's Presentation


Click here for the video link

January 6th 2016 - London

Offshore Wind: A Systems Engineering Re-think

Prof. Seamus Garvey (Nottingham University)

click here for the slide presentation

Click here for the video link