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Meetings held in 2014

Information is provided on this page by the speakers of previous meetings and generally includes Acrobat .PDF files or PowerPoint slideshows.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with these presentations are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or OES or any other organisation.  ICE and OES makes no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for the content and/or accuracy.

3rd December 2014 - London

15th Annual Film Night

Dr Ray Hobbs


Films presented:

1. The Murchison project (33min 01sec)  Archive footage showing installation of the North Sea Murchison platform in 1979


2. Gunfleet Sands demonstration project (8min 47sec)  Demonstration project featuring two new 6MW turbines adjacent to the existing Gunfleet Sands windfarm, offshore Clacton


3. Tombua Landana installation project (29min 13sec)  Installation, by sscv Hermod and sscv Thialf, of deepwater compliant tower offshore Angola in 2008


4. Mighty ships – Peace in Africa (11min 41sec)  Documentary on seabed mining offshore South Africa


5. Novel pile driving technique (0min 31sec)  The traditional "and finally" clip…


5th November 2014 - London

CCS in the UK – The Humber Cluster


Presented by: Richard Holdgate, National Grid Carbon, Solihull, UK


Click here for the video presentation

1st October 2014 - London

Joint OES/EGGS meeting

Onshore - offshore geology:  The vital link for the engineering of offshore windfarms founded in chalk. 

Presented by: Rory Mortimore of ChalkRock and John Carey of Wind Support Ltd.

click here for the presentation by John Carey

Due to the file size Rory Mortimore's presentation is split into two files click here for part 1 and here for part 2


3rd September 2014 - London


Oil & Gas Exploration in the Arctic


Presented by: Prof. Alastair Fraser - Imperial College London


Click here for the video presentation


4th June 2014 - London


Design challenges of the ultra deep Guara-Lula project in Brazil - Vertically Loaded Suction Anchor Groups

Presented by: Majid Hesar Principal Engineer Subsea 7


Click here for the link to the video recording


7th May 2014 - London

Subsea Well Response Project
Presented by: Lazina Chowdhury, Wood Group Mustang.


9th April 2014 - Aberdeen


Dynamic behaviour of offshore wind turbines


Presented by:Dr Domenico Lombardi  - Edinburgh Napier University


2nd April 2014 - London


Deepwater Construction Vessel Aegir


Presented by: Ramon de Haas - Heerema Marine Contractors UK Ltd


12th March 2014 - Aberdeen


An Introduction to Laying, Burying and Repairing High Voltage Subsea Power Cables


Presented by:Ian Sherrington, Mwaves Ltd


5th March 2014 -London


Grouted Connections – What can be learned from previous R&D and the monopile failures to help the offshore industry design reliable connections?


 Presented by: Dr Colin Billington  Helacol Consulting Partners


Click here for the presentation slides


5th Feb 2014 -London


Floating LNG – A Rapidly Expanding Technology & Business


Presented by: Brian Songhurst


Floating LNG has two forms – floating storage & regasification (FSRUs) and floating liquefaction (FLNG). There are now 13 FSRUs in operation and 11 under development and this technology is increasing becoming ‘business as usual’ and often becoming the terminal of choice for the smaller capacities. However floating liquefaction is still in the development phase and the first 3 units are currently under construction - and there is a race on as to who will be first!


8th Jan 2014 - London


Grouting Applications in the Offshore Petrochemical and Renewable Energy Industries


Presented by: John Hudson, FoundOcean Limited


Click here for the video presentation link