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Meetings held in 2013

Information is provided on this page by the speakers of previous meetings and generally includes Acrobat .PDF files or PowerPoint slideshows.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with these presentations are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or OES or any other organisation.  ICE and OES makes no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for the content and/or accuracy.

3rd December 2013 - London


14th Annual Film Night


Dr Ray Hobbs BSc, PhD, CMarEng, CEng- Independent Geotechnical Consultant


Films presented were as follows:


 1. North Rankin B NR2 development project

Installation of North Rankin B platform by sscv Hermod in late 2011, and floatover of topsides in 2012


 2. Jasmine The story so far 

Loadout, sailaway, and installation by sscv Saipem7000, of topsides for the Jasmine project earlier this year


 3. Malampaya Deepwater gas to power development 

Archive footage from 2001 covering novel seafloor preparations for, and ballasting operations of, the Malampaya GBS plus dredging works for floatout and pipeline activities 


 4. Subsea rock installation 

 An in-depth look at sophisticated rock dumping techniques


 5. Nord Stream Russian landfall 

Pull-in at Portovaya Bay for this 1200km pipeline supplying gas from Russia to Western Europe


 6. Belwind - Phase 1 offshore windfarm

Installation of windfarm offshore Belgium


 7. Castor Storage Facility Timelapse PUQ platform installation

Installation of Castor PUQ platform by sscv Thialf


 8. A pile on speed 


20 November 2013- London

Special event for Students and Graduates





This was a free event for students and recent engineering graduates who are not engaged in offshore engineering but would like to know more about oil and gas extraction and renewable energy generation offshore.  



The event was sponsored by several industry organisations who attended the event.



Click here for the video presentation


13th November 2013 - Aberdeen

Cathodic Protection of Subsea Structures Retrofit Analysis, Calibration and Comparative Assessment

James Horton - Frazer-Nash Consultancy


6th Nov 2013 - London


An update on the Offshore Oil & Gas Decommissioning Market



Brian Nixon, Decom North Sea


Click here for the presentation slides

Click here for the video presentation


9th Oct 2013 - Aberdeen


Lessons Learned from 1st and 2nd Generation Topsides Weight Databases

Presented by Mike Taylor Libra Engineering Ltd


2nd Oct 2013 - London


Design of foundations for offshore wind turbines: Dynamic Soil-Structure-Interaction considerations.


Presented by: Professor and Chair in Geomechanics Subhamoy Bhattacharya - University of Surrey


Click here for the video presentation


4th Sept 2013 London

Risk Management in Offshore Oil & Gas

Presented by: John Yates, Marsh Limited

Click here for the video presentation



1st May 2013- London

Archaeology for Offshore Developments: A decade of experience in the UK

Presented by Paul Baggaley of Wessex Archaeology

Click here for the video presentation

10th April 2013- Aberdeen


Mooring and Anchoring Practices Offshore

Senol Ozmutlu Vryhof Anchors 


10th April 2013 - London

The Seven Borealis Project

 Presented by  Tom Welsh, Subsea 7


13th March 2013 - Aberdeen

Geotechnical Engineering Through Lifecycle of a Project from Conception to Decommissioning

Jamie Irvine Cathie Associates


6th March 2013 - London

Developments in jack-up site specific assessment and ISO 19905-1

 Presented by Mike Hoyle, GL Noble Denton

Click here for Mike's Presentation


14th February 2013 - Aberdeen

Corrosion Failures

Jim Britton Deepwater EU Ltd


6th February 2013 - London


Christoph Dytert, MENCK & Jason Clark, LDD

Click here for Christoph's Presentation

Click here for Jason's Presentation


10th  January 2013 - London

Site characterization in nearshore and offshore geotechnical projects

Joek Peuchen - Fugro

Co-Sponsored with BGA

Click here for the link to the presentation