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Meetings held in 2008

Information is provided on this page by the speakers of previous meetings and generally includes Acrobat .PDF files or PowerPoint slideshows.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with these presentations are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or OES or any other organisation.  ICE and OES makes no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for the content and/or accuracy.


03 December 2008

9th Annual Film Night

Dr. Ray Hobbs

The energy in our lives

Recent developments by Woodside in Australia with particular reference to LNG. 

Angel project

Three short films covering load-out and installation of the Angel platform on the North

West Shelf of Western Australia.

Sycamore project

Subsea development of the Venture Sycamore project in the North Sea.

Power from the Seas &

EMEC - generating change

Two short films on the work of the European Marine Energy Centre in the Orkneys in

the development of marine renewable energy.

01 November 2008  - London

An Insight into Deep Water Remote Intervention Work

 Mark Varley - Subsea 7

Click Here to view the presentation

01 October 2008 - London

Scour Control Around Gravity Based Structures

Dr Richard Whitehouse - HR Wallingford

Click here to view Presentation

03 September 2008 - London


Offshore Pipeline Operational Response Analysis and Design

Dr. Emil Maschner - JP Kenny

Click here to view Presentation

22 May 2008 - Aberdeen


Structural Aspects from Sea Eagle & Bonga FPSO's Offshore Nigeria

Joint Meeting with IStructE

Bill Laver - Shell

07 May 2008 - London


Creating some Wealth from Offshore Engineering and Enjoying the Challenge

Joint Meeting with IMarEst

Tony Trapp - IHCís Engineering business

Click here to view Presentation

15 April 2008 - Aberdeen


Ice Loading in the Arctic


Dr. Gus Cammaert - Det Norske Veritas

18 March 2008 - Aberdeen


Dealing with Emergencies a Technical Perspective

05 March 2008 - London



Riser Soil Interaction in Soft Clay Near the Touch Down Zone

Dr. Tapan K. Zen (KBR)

Click here to view Presentation

21 February 2008 - Aberdeen

Beatrice Windfarm

Joint Meeting with IStructE

Allan MacAskill - Talisman Energy

06 February 2008 - London


Suction Pile Foundations for Offshore Structures


Mark Riemers (SPT Offshore)


Click here to view Presentation


Click here for the link to the web cast recording.

09 January 2008 - London


Pile Driving and Pile Manufacturing


Martin Ros (MENCK GmbH) and Jack Op den Kamp (SIF Group BV)



Click here to view Presentation

17 January 2008 - Aberdeen


Design and Construction of the Millau Viaduct

Vincent de Ville de Goyet  (Bureau Greisch)