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Meetings in 2004

Information is provided on this page by the speakers of  meetings held in 2004 and generally includes Acrobat .PDF files or PowerPoint slideshows.  E-mail and web-site contact details for the speakers are also included.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed on any matters by the presenters or participants during or in connection with these presentations are solely the views of the authors of the respective comments and/or opinions and must not be taken to be the views of ICE or OES or any other organisation.  ICE and OES makes no representations, warranties or assurances concerning any information provided in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for the content and/or accuracy.

The 5th Annual Film Evening was presented by Dr Ray Hobbs and included archive footage of some historical projects undertaken in the North Sea. the three films shown were:

1 The History of the World War 2 Maunsell Sea Forts
This was about the gravity base defence structures in the Thames Estuary

2 The Murchison Project
One of the largest barge launched piled steel jacket structures of the North Sea

3 Into the Deep
The story of the first North Sea, Tension Leg Platform - Hutton
18th November 2004
This meeting co sponsored with the ICE Energy and Maritime Boards marked the launch of the ICE Offshore Wind Farms E-mail Forum.

The forum is designed to act as a vehicle for discussing the planning issues associated with offshore wind farms. Access to the forum is free of charge and is available to anyone following registration. (see link on Eforum: Wind farms))

Click here for the slides given at the presentation.

Additionally there was a presentation given on behalf of the SUT by Mark Finch of RPS Hydrosearch on:

New Guidelines for Offshore Site Investigations for Marine Renewables

Click here for the presentation slides.

3rd November 2004

A Rans – Based Technique For Calculation Of Added Mass And Damping Coefficients Of Complex Offshore Structures

Dr Tanmay Sarkar of Saipem UK Ltd

& Dr Justin Penrose of ANSYS - CFX

A brief review on the talk is available here

20 October 2004

Shah Deniz Project

Rob Kelly - BP

Click here for a review of the presentation

and here for a selection of the slides

Thursday, 7 October 2004 and repeated on 28 October 2004

Offshore Wind Farms – Recent Development

Captain Mike Frampton, London Offshore Consultants Ltd

A brief review of the talk is available here

Click here for the presentation slides

Tuesday 21st September 2004

"Oil from the Ocean Depths - the Challenges of Deep Water Engineering"

Leofric Studd - BP.

This jointly sponsored talk by the regional bodies of the I MechE, IEEE and ICE, together with the OES, held at the Chilterns University was well attended by an audience ranging from those with a detailed knowledge of the offshore arena to those with minimal experience of this area of engineering.

The presentation by Leofric Studd of BP was skilfully pitched at just the right level to be of interest to all members of the audience. The presentation started with an overview of how hydrocarbons were formed and trapped in the earth’s crust and then went on to explain how the development of modern drilling practices had significantly improved the recovery of hydrocarbons.

The talk then moved on to the extraction of hydrocarbons in deep water with many relevant references to projects and examples of the fast developing technology in deep water drilling in which BP and the presenter are heavily involved. The author also included an insight into future developments and where this exciting adventure of offshore engineering may go in the future.

Questions raised by the audience were wide ranging and numerous, reflecting the interest that had been generated in the meeting.

8 September 2004

Offshore Emergency Response

Mark Talbot-Sykes & Michael Wilder -Petans

This was an excellent talk on how Petans has developed its training facilities and also how it has evolved to meet new requirements as the North Sea Offshore operations and its Operators change as field production declines.

Click here for a copy of the presentation slides

15 June 2004

Deconstruction of the Maureen Platform and Loading Columns.

Presented by Peter Broughton

with co-authors R L Davies and M Green.

This was a joint meeting with the ICE

Click here for the slide presentation

1 June 2004

The Challenges of the Canadian East Coast Offshore

Vincent Morgan - C-Core

Click here for a selection of the presentation slides on the issues of developing offshore installations amid the threat of iceberg impact.

5 May 2004

Helicopter Operations

Steve O’Collard - Scotia

Click here for the slide presentation

7 April 2004

Single Point Mooring

Andrew Newport - SBM

Dr Newport gave a comprehensive presentation detailing the key principles and elements of Single point moorings (SPM). He described in some detail the various types including CALM Buoys, Turrets, and FPSOs. The relevance of each was ably explained by reference to actual projects. This was followed by an insight into some developments currently in progress. the presentation generated a large number of questions on the differing aspects of SPMs.

Click here for the presentation slides

3rd March 2004

The Barracuda and Caratinga Integrated Deepwater Site Investigation, Offshore Brazil

Mr. Ricardo Argiolas and Dr Majid Hesar, Kellogg Brown and Root

The Barracuda and Caratinga Development consists of two large taut-moored FPSOs located approximately 150km east of Rio de Janeiro, offshore Brazil. Water depths vary from 800 to 1000m. The main challenge was to combine the geophysical, geotechnical and ROV surveys from one vessel and deliver any potential soil risk issues and contract variations to the client before the August 2001 deadline.

Dr Majid Hesar gave an overview of the project strategy Click here for a selection of these presentation slides. He also gave a presentation on the geotechnical conditions and suction pile anchors. Click here for these slides.

Mr. Argiolas discussed the offshore equipment used, the problems encountered and how each potential risk was evaluated and closed to the satisfaction of KBR.

Click here for Mr. Argiolas's presentation

4 February 2004

Sakhalin Development

Scheduled presenter, David Meehan, became trapped on Sakhalin Island by inclement weather and Mark Zitterich and Carl Fenwick, of Sakhalin Energy, ably stepped in to give a broad overview of the challenges of developing oil and gas production facilities in the harsh environment off the east coast of Russia. They described the nature of the ice floes and earthquake loading prevalent in the area and the impact these had on the design of the facilities. An insight was given into the roads and pipelines running the length of the island (in excess of 750 kilometres) and the harbour facilities required to support the existing Sakhalin 1 development by Marathon and the ongoing Sakhalin Energy (Shell, Mitsui and Mitsubishi) Sakhalin 2 project on an island similar in size to Great Britain.

The presentation then gave a detailed technical description of the new PA-B (Piltun-Astkhskoye-B) and Lun A (Lunskoye A) gravity base platforms, in 30 metre water depth. The new platforms each comprise a cellular rectangular base with concrete legs (3 on PA-B and 4 on Lun A) topped by pendulum friction bearings that accommodate the earthquake loadings and support a float on deck (the largest being 20,000 tonnes) installed by a purpose built barge. The new platforms were compared with the Sakhalin 1 PA-A Molikpaq platform. The organisation of this US$ 9 billion project in Russia and at the numerous sites world wide was explained. They presentation described the processes by which Russian standards for the development of offshore resources had been developed. Finally the presenters fielded a large number of wide ranging questions on the project.

Click here for the presentation slides

28 January 2004

Seabed Liquefaction and Submarine Landslide

Professor A C Palmer - Cambridge University,

Dr Scott Dunn - HR Wallingford,

Prof Richard Jardine - Imperial College, London

This was a well attended meeting as it was joint sponsored with SECED and three very interesting papers were presented. Details of Professor Palmer and Dr Dunn's papers are available on these links.

Scott Dunn :: Andrew Palmer

7 January 2004

Tide, Wave and Wind - Ocean Energy Developments

Tony Trapp - Engineering Business Ltd

The first meeting of the year was given to capacity audience and proved to be one of the most interesting presentations on the subject of renewable energy. Tony's presentation included a broad range of topics, ideas and systems that his company is involved with and was illustrated by many slides and video clips.

Click here for a selection of the slides presented.