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What is my OES membership number?

Your OES membership is administrated by the ICE. When you became member of OES, you should have received an eight-digit membership number. If you were an existing member of the ICE at the time of joining OES, this number would have been the same as your ICE membership number. If you do not know your membership number, please contact the OES Secretary ( 

Do I need to log in to the OES website?

In general, the answer to this question is "no". At the moment the only part of the website that requires a log-in is the section to view the presentations and videos of past events. All others resources and webpages are freely available to the public. If you wish to have access to presentations and videos of recent OES meetings, please ensure that you are an individual/corporate member of the OES. Upon joining you should have been provided with log-in details by the OES Honorary Secretary. Named representatives of corporate members will also have been provided with log-in details. If you do not have these please contact the OES Honorary Secretary at and ask for log-in details.

How do I change my contact details?

If you wish to change your contact details (or any other details associated with your OES membership), you have two options: (1) log-in in to MyICE with your email address and password and go to My Profile; (2) contact the OES Secretary ( quoting your surname and membership number. The first option is preferred. You should only use the second option if for some reason you are unable to use the first. If you wish to change your log-in details, you should contact the OES Honorary Secretary at

I am not receiving any email notifications from OES - what should I do?

Your OES membership is administrated by the ICE, and all email notifications are handled by the ICE. You may have opted out of emails from the ICE, in which case the notification system will respect your preferences and not send any emails to your email address. If you wish to receive email notifications from the OES, you have to opt in to emails via MyICE (go to My Profile and then Email and communication preferences). Event flyers are al sent via the ICE's Communicator system and will comefrom the address

I do not have a MyICE account - what should I do?

In the first instance, if you know your OESmembership number, try to register for MyICE account. The form will ask for your ICE membership number, which is the same as your OES membership number. If you do not know your membership number, please contact the OES Secretary ( with your surname and date of birth. A reply will be sent as soon as possible with your membership number.

How do I change my membership number type?

To change your membership type (e.g. from Student to Individual or from Individual to Retired)please contact the OES Secretary ( quoting your username and membership number.

Are evening meetings broadcast online and, if they are, what should I do to join the broadcast?

Most of our evening meetings are broadcast online. Usually the ICE sends a link via email a few days before the evening meeting to all OES individual members and to the main corporate contact for Corporate Members to cascade to employees. This is an OES membership benefit and the link to the live broadcast is not provided to non-members. Some of our evening meetings are not broadcasted if, for example, the host venue does not have the required facilities for broadcasting or if the speaker has requested that they do not wish it to be broadcast or recorded.

Can I watch the recordings of evening meetings after the event?

All events that are live streamed are also recorded. Recordings are placed on the OES website (in the members' only section - requiring log-in) and on the ICE website. For the first three months after the event, recordings on the ICE website are only viewable by OES and ICE members and those members wishing to view it will need to log-in. After three months all events on the ICE website are open access.

What do I need to do if I wish to attend an event in person?

You need to book onto an event on receiving the event flyer. There may still be places available on the day but it is always best to book on to guarantee your place. If you wish to book on a guest please do this at the time of booking as it is not possible to add a guest to your booking later on.

How do I update my CPD record?

ICE no longer provides CPD certificates for OES events. An email can be sent by the ICE to all event attendees to confirm that they attended an OES event, including if they attended an event online for the majority of the event. If you require this please contact