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OES Kindred Bodies

Welcome to the Offshore Engineering Society (OES) Website.

The OES Website is undergoing a re-structure and it will not be accessible from Monday 16th December 2019. Members will be able to get access again to OES materials from January 2020.

Apologies for any inconvenience

This web Site provides:

  • Dates and topics for OES meetings in London and Aberdeen

  • Job Opportunities with OES Corporate Member Companies

  • Details of Individual OES Members available for employment

  • Synopses of recent OES talks, with links to speakers' web sites

  • Links to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Main Site


Latest News

See the News and Views page for information on events organised by Kindred bodies or societies on related associated offshore topics.




Recently we launched new online application forms for individuals and corporations wishing to join OES. Unfortunately, due to data security concerns, we have had to temporarily deactivate the online forms and revert to the old-fashioned paper-based forms. Please note that if you recently applied to join OES using one of the online forms, your application would not have reached the OES Secretary. The data contained in the form would have been deleted, and you would need to re-apply using the paper forms.


If you are setting up a Direct Debit after 31 July and before 1 October, this will not be taken until January of the following subscription year so please contact the subscriptions team when they email you your membership number to make a payment for your current year’s membership fee over the phone.


You can apply online for either individual or corporate membership, or for more information, contact


Individual membership is £20.00 per calendar year

Corporate membership is dependent on the number of employees with three categories of small (£90), medium (£150) and large (£300) per calendar year, see application form for further details.

Members Area

Certain downloads are only accessible to members of the OES.  All members should have been assigned a login name and password so if you are having problems logging in contact us at the email shown below. If you are with a company that has corporate membership you should request the login information from the company contact.


If you have any comments on the site e-mail

We welcome views from both members and non-members who have attended our evening meetings as the committee wish to ensure that we are organizing the types of events and meetings that are both interesting  and informative for those working in the offshore engineering industry.

To see the information and watch the video presentation go to recent meetings


For the latest information on OES events go to the Planned Meetings page for London or East of Scotland


If you wish to make a presentation to OES Members during one of our meetings please contact us.